Integrated solutions for poultry and livestock

Решения для кормления птиц


Poultry farming is one of the most promising sectors of agriculture. An integral basis of the profitable poultry farming is the proper feeding of poultry. Providing the most important nutrients together with feed allows you to maximize the genetic potential of birds, achieve high levels of its productivity (egg production, average daily weight gain), survival rate and self-sufficiency.

OOO VitOMEK produces high-quality premixes, protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates and mixed feeds for all areas of the poultry industry. Premixes are multicomponent mixtures containing the whole range of nutrients and biologically active substances — vitamins, amino acids, micro- and macro-elements, enzymes, antioxidants, and antibiotics.

Premixes are included in the composition of feeds for poultry with their amount varying from 0.01 to 5%. This allows enriching the diet with vital elements, normalizing metabolic processes, improving feed digestibility, increasing poultry productivity and, ultimately, increasing the profitability of farming.

PVMC (protein vitamin-mineral concentrate) are included in the poultry diets to provide the birds with highly utilizable protein, vitamins and mineral substances. This allows you to increase the egg production and the weight gain of growing birds and broilers.

Mixed feeds are complete mixtures of feed ingredients, composed with the aim of providing birds with all the necessary nutrients and achieving maximum profit from its rearing as a result of this.

The use of mixed feed, the composition of which was developed taking into account the age and technological period of poultry rearing helps to achieve maximum efficiency in the poultry industry. They correspond exactly to their physiological needs at each stage of life and production cycle.

The VitOMEK Company produces pre-starters, growers and finishers for poultry. Due to its high digestibility and balance, the prestarter (starter) feed provides rapid growth and development of young stock, their high survival rate, feed efficiency and optimization of the feeding costs.

Growers are the main feed for poultry during the rearing period. They provide high egg production, rapid muscle gain and optimal feed conversion.

Finisher feeds are used for the final fattening of broiler chickens. They help to achieve high rates of the average daily weight gain and the taste characteristics of meat.

Optimally balanced, high-quality mixed feeds are the key to the success and economic efficiency of an agricultural enterprise.

We sell premixes and PVMC for layers, rearing birds, broiler chickens, as well as feed additives and mixed feeds for other species of poultry, including turkeys, guinea fowls, ducks, geese, and quails. The production of premixes and feed additives is carried out at the specialized «VitOMEK» factory according to standard and individual recipes. Each component undergoes strict quality control in our own laboratory «INVITO».

To find out about the cost of production and to calculate the composition of feed additives or premixes according to your individual recipe, call +7 (495) 902-03-32 or send a request to the email