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The use of mixed feeds for pigs rearing makes it possible to properly organize their fully-fledged feeding and optimize its costs, which results in a high level profitability of farming.

Mixed feeds are balanced mixtures of feed ingredients, enriched with biologically active substances (minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics). The composition of mixed feeds for pigs may include cereals, feeds of vegetable (cattle cake, oil cakes) and animal origin (meat meal, meat and bone meal), mineral supplements, etc.

OOO VitOMEK produces a wide range of high-quality mixed feeds for pigs of all gender and age groups and production areas:

  • barren, pregnant, nursing sows;
  • piglets of all age groups (suckers, weaners);
  • replacements;
  • breeding boars;
  • fattening population.

Depending on the period of use, mixed feeds are divided into the following types:

Prestarters. These are used for feeding suckling piglets from the 3rd to the 40th day of life. They contain components that are easily digested by the piglets’ gastrointestinal tracts and contribute to their better development. They are optimally balanced in terms of nutritional and biological value, thanks to which they contribute to the rapid growth and development of young stock in the first month of life, ensuring its high productivity in the future. Prestarters strengthen the immunity of piglets and prevent the development of infections (intestinal and respiratory), increasing the survival rate of the animals and reducing the costs of their treatment.

When a weight of 10-25 kg is reached, the piglets are transferred to Starters. Their composition ensures that the animals are fully developed and quickly gain weight.

When a weight of 25 kg is reached, the piglets are transferred to feed growers («Growth»). They provide good average daily weight gain, good animal health, high utilization and digestibility of feed.

When a weight of 50 kg is reached, pigs are transferred to a feed-finisher. It provides the maximum increase in live-weight gain in fattening animals, reduces the duration of the fattening period, thereby reducing the costs for the livestock feeding and rearing. Such feeds improve the taste of pork and increase the yield of meat during slaughter.

The use of our mixed feeds for pigs rearing provides the following advantages:

  • acceleration of young stock growth and development;
  • increase of the average daily weight gain;
  • reducing the mortality and morbidity of young stock;
  • improvement of the reproductive performance of the herd — increase of the conception rate, prolificacy and milkability of sows;
  • increased fertility and improvement of the sperm quality of breeding boars;
  • reducing the time required for fattening, reducing the costs for the rearing;
  • reduction of costs per unit of production and for the veterinary preparations;
  • increased profitability.

In OOO VitOMEK, you can buy optimally balanced high quality feed for pigs and piglets of all age and production groups at an affordable price. Each component of the incoming raw materials and finished products undergoes strict quality and safety control in our own laboratory «INVITO».

You can order feeds made according to a standard technology, as well as those developed according to individual recipes taking into account the physiological needs of animals and specific food resources of a particular farm.

To find out about the cost of production and calculate the composition of feed for an individual recipe, call +7 (495) 902-03-32 or send a request to the email