Комплексные решения для птицеводства и животноводства

About company

VitOMEK LCC is the largest Russian producer of feed additives for live-stock animals and poultry.

The production capacity of VitOMEK is about 48,000 tons per year. The main share in the production structure belongs to the factory in the city of Likhoslavl. In addition, the company has sites in other areas (Kursk and Nizhny Novgorod regions, etc.).

We procure raw materials for the entire agricultural holding at the most favorable terms. Our suppliers are well-known major companies in Europe and Asia (China, Indonesia, and Korea).

High-precision studies of both incoming raw materials and finished products at all stages of production are carried out in the company's own certified laboratory. This ensures that products comply with all international quality standards and safety requirements.

Products are manufactured both according to standard recipes, and according to individually prepared recipes for a particular farm, taking into account the characteristics and capabilities of its food resources, as well as the physiological needs of each gender-age group of animals.

We manufacture products for the following areas:

  • poultry industry;
  • pig farming;
  • beef cattle;
  • small cattle;
  • veterinary drugs;
  • trade of raw materials and protected fats;
  • sale of high-quality milk replacers

We offer comprehensive effective solutions for agricultural holdings and small enterprises in the area of poultry industry and livestock production. Therefore, in addition to the production and sale of feed additives, we provide: full technological, veterinary and engineering support for farms; audit and consulting on the microclimate, feeding and animals housing; also, we conduct eggshell research on the extent and nature of damage, we make individual feed programs taking into account the characteristics of specific farms

Our clients include Miratorg Company, N.I. Tkachev AO Agrocomplex, Rusagro, Mustang, AkBars, Russian Field, and the Seyma Group of companies.

The main principles of our business can be described as follows:

  • Continuous improvement of the technologies used.
  • An integrated approach to problem solving.
  • High level of qualification and professionalism of employees.

We do not just sell premixes and mixed feeds, but help clients achieve the highest possible results in their business.

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Our Company uses its knowledge and   innovative solutions in the field of feeding farm animals to help achieve maximum results from our customers


Reliability in front of partners and   colleagues.

Teamwork, where every employee feels part of a whole.

Professional staff.

A constantly growing company.

Accept calls and   respond quickly to   changes.


To be the most sought-after partner on the   feed market.

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