Integrated solutions for poultry and livestock

Решения для кормления свиней и поросят


Pig farming is one of the most promising sectors of agriculture. To make pig breeding cost- effective, it is important to provide livestock with a complete, balanced diet. Under the conditions of the modern agrarian industry, the easiest way to achieve this is to include feed additives, premixes, protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates, and complete feeds in the animals’ diets.

Premixes are homogeneous mixtures of biologically active substances used to enrich diets with vitamins, micro and macro elements, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics and other vital components. PVMC (protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates) are feed additives that prevent the deficiency and compensate for the lack of animal protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Mixed feeds are mixtures of crushed feed ingredients (cereals, legumes, raw materials of plant and animal origin) with the addition of biologically active substances (vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes). Their composition is fully consistent with the physiological needs of animals, depending on the area of their economic use. OOO VitOMEK produces high-quality, optimally balanced premixes, PMVS and mixed feed for all gender-age and production groups of pigs:

  • barren, pregnant and nursing sows;
  • breeding boars;
  • replacements;
  • piglets of all age groups;
  • fattening population.

The use of our feed additives and mixed feeds for pigs feeding allows:

  • improving the digestibility and utilization of feed;
  • increasing the average daily weight gain of the animals;
  • improving the taste of pork and increasing the slaughter yield of meat;
  • ensuring the rapid growth and full development of the young stock;
  • strengthening the immunity of piglets, preventing their diseases (intestinal and respiratory infections, vitamin deficiencies, metabolic disorders) and increasing the survival rate;
  • achieving high rates of livestock reproduction (increasing the prolificacy of sows and their milkability);
  • reducing the costs of animals feeding and treatment;
  • increasing the profitability of the industry management.
The production of premixes and PMVS is carried out at the innovative plant «VitOMEK» in the city of Likhoslavl. Each component of the incoming raw materials and finished products at all stages of production undergoes a thorough quality and safety control in our own laboratory «INVITO».

We produce mixed feeds and feed additives both according to standard technology and individual recipes developed taking into account the physiological needs of animals and specific food resources of a particular farm.

You can buy high-quality premix, PMVS, mixed feeds for pigs and piglets by contacting our company. To find out about the cost of production, to calculate the composition of feed according to an individual recipe, call +7 (495) 902-03-32 or send a request to