Комплексные решения для птицеводства и животноводства


To achieve high profitability of a livestock enterprise, it is important not only to ensure full-fledged feeding of animals, but also to create optimal conditions for their housing, and minimize the incidence.

OOO VitOMEK offers comprehensive support services for agricultural enterprises and farms: technological, engineering, veterinary support, as well as the preparation of feeding programs.

Technological support of farms can be used to properly organize the maintenance of animals, and to create the best conditions for their high productivity by ensuring an optimal indoor microclimate. In addition, as part of the provision of this service for poultry enterprises, we analyze the state of egg shells using the latest high-precision equipment, and monitor the parameters of eggs transportation from the incubator right up to the final point of its realization. Our specialists travel to farms to conduct technology audits and solve problems on the spot, as well as give advice remotely.

OOO VitOMEK provides services for the analysis and optimization of feed rations used in households, as well as the preparation of individual feeding programs. Our technologists assess the abilities of the food resources of a particular farm and, taking this into account, develop optimally balanced rations for animals of each gender and age group according to all important indicators, taking into account their physiological needs.

Proper organization of rationed feeding allows minimizing the costs of raising animals, as well as increasing their productivity and reproduction rates at the lowest cost. In addition to the preparation of complex feed programs, we offer a wide range of high-quality feed additives (premixes, PVMC, milk replacer, etc.) and mixed feeds, which allow balancing the rations of animals based on the main nutrient and biologically active substances.

Veterinary support of farms involves the analysis of their epizootic state, the diagnosis of animal diseases, the preparation of programs for their treatment and prevention. Thanks to the effective prevention of diseases and their timely and proper treatment, the use of this service allows farms to significantly reduce the costs of animals rearing.

Our specialists are highly qualified, have a solid base of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the livestock industry. The company's specialists constantly improve their professionalism by attending scientific and practical conferences and seminars on topical issues of zoological engineering and veterinary medicine both abroad and in Russia; therefore their advice is highly competent and allows our clients to achieve high indicators of the efficiency of agricultural enterprises.

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