Integrated solutions for poultry and livestock



Is the largest Russian producer of feed additives and premixes for livestock animals and poultry.

The company has its own innovative plant, which produces a wide range of high-quality premixes and protein-vitamin-mineral supplements. In addition, the company sells complete feeds, milk replacers, vegetable fats and veterinary drugs.

The high quality and the safety of products are ensured by the strict control in our own laboratory «INVITO», where researches are carried out for both incoming raw materials and finished products at all stages of their manufacture.

Using advanced experience and accumulated knowledge, OOO VitOMEK offers comprehensive effective solutions for large agricultural enterprises and small farms.

Our advantages are our own production with significant capacities, an integrated approach, reliability, and high professionalism of our employees. At an affordable price, we sell high-quality premixes, PMVS, mixed feeds for cattle, pigs, small ruminants, and poultry, optimally meeting the physiological needs of the animals and contributing to the maximum realization of their genetic potential.

The company provides quite a range of services for its customers:

  • technological and engineering support;
  • auditing and consulting on the issues of microclimate, maintenance and feeding of agricultural birds and farm animals;
  • veterinary support for farms;
  • a study of eggshells concerning the extent and the nature of damage;
  • analysis and optimization of existing feed rations;
  • preparation of individual feed programs taking into account the possibilities of a particular farm.