Integrated solutions for poultry and livestock


OOO VitOMEK is the largest producer of premixes and animal feeds for live-stock animals in Russia. The company’s own plant produces premixes and PVMC (protein vitamin-mineral concentrate) for beef cattle, pigs and poultry.

Premixes are enrichment mixtures of nutrients and biologically active substances (enzymes, amino acids, antibiotics, etc.) that are included in the diet of animals to eliminate the deficit of vital elements and optimize metabolic processes.

The use of premixes allows you to increase survival rate, average daily weight gain and animal productivity, prevent their diseases and metabolic disorders, reduce costs per unit of production and increase the profitability of the farm.

PVMC (protein vitamin-mineral concentrate) are feed concentrates used for balancing the diets according to the nutrient and biologically active substances (protein, vitamins, micro and macro elements). Their addition to the diet can increase the productivity and reproduction of livestock, reduce the incidence of animals and increase the profitability of their rearing.

The production of premixes and PVMC is carried out at the specialized factory «VitOMEK» in Likhoslavl. Only high quality raw materials are used for the production of the products. Strict control is performed at all stages through high-precision researches. Feeds and feed additives are manufactured according to standard and individual recipes developed according to the genetic potential, physiological needs, gender and age of the animals, as well as their breed and industrial purpose.

When developing individual formulations of premixes and feed additives, specific food resources of a particular farm are taken into account, which allows you to effectively organize standardized feeding of animals and provide them with a full range of essential nutrients, and therefore creates all the prerequisites for a cost-effective housekeeping.

OOO VitOMEK also produces prestarters and mixed feeds for all gender and age groups of poultry (layers, broilers), pigs (barren, pregnant and nursing sows, breeding boars, and fattening livestock), beef cattle (dry cows and milking cows, servicing bulls, heifers, etc.). Prestarters increase the average daily weight gain and survival rate of young stock, strengthen its immunity and prevent diseases, reduce the costs of the rearing and increase the efficiency of the industry.

You can buy high-quality premixes, PVMC, mixed feeds, prestarters and feed additives for all gender-age groups of live-stock animals in OOO VitOMEK at an affordable price.

To find out about the cost of production, to develop (calculate) the composition of feed additives or premixes according to individual recipes, call +7 (495) 902-03-32 or send a request to