Integrated solutions for poultry and livestock

Решения для кормления КРС


One of the important conditions for the management of dairy and beef cattle is the proper organization of their normalized feeding. Providing beef cattle with the necessary range of nutritional and biologically active substances allows achieving maximum indicators of productivity and obtaining the highest profit.

OOO VitOMEK produces high-quality premixes, PVMC, complete mixed feeds (including prestarters) and feed additives (milk replacers and fat-free milk replacers for calves, palm fat, etc.) for beef cattle of all gender-age and production groups.

The use of vitamin premixes, vitamin and mineral premixes, PMVS for cows and calves optimizes feeding rations based on their nutritional and energy value, improves feed digestibility, normalizes metabolic processes in animals, thereby significantly increasing their growth and development rates, increasing their productivity.

Mixed feeds for calves contribute to the normal laying and development of the skeleton, internal organs, the immune system, etc. They provide good growth of the young stock, a quick gain of the muscle mass and good milk production in the future in heifers. Mixed feeds for fattening beef cattle provide high average daily gains of live weight, good meat yield at slaughter and its excellent taste.

Using our products for feeding beef cattle makes the following possible:

  • maximizing milk yield;
  • achieving high rates of average daily weight gain in young and fattening livestock;
  • improving reproductive performance in the herd (insemination, calves yield, service period duration);
  • improving the young stock survival rate, their growth and development (strengthening the immune system, improving development of the digestive system, etc.);
  • preventing animal diseases;
  • reducing costs per unit of received products, reducing costs for the animals treatment;
  • improving the quality of dairy and meat products;
  • increasing the farm profitability.

In our company, you can buy high-quality, optimally balanced feeds and feed additives for beef cattle of all age groups and areas at an affordable price, including:

  • milking cows (all periods of lactation);
  • dry cows (based on the dry periods);
  • replacements (calves of all age groups);
  • heifers of breeding age;
  • heifers;
  • servicing bulls;
  • fattening population.

Production of premixes and feed additives is carried out at our innovative factory «VitOMEK». Each component of the product undergoes thorough safety and quality control throughout the entire process cycle. Testing of incoming raw materials and finished products is carried out in our own laboratory «INVITO».

We produce feeds and feed additives manufactured both according to the standard technology and individually formulated recipes, which are developed for a particular farm, taking into account the state of its feed resources and the physiological needs of each production group of animals.

The VitOMEK Company offers replacers of whole and skimmed milk for calves. These replacers are made from natural, high-quality raw materials, and satisfy the strict control regarding the level of safety.

When used for young stock feeding, these products:

  • provide the stock with all necessary nutrients and bioactive substances (due to the addition of vitamins, micro- and macro elements, enzymes, etc. to the whole and skimmed milk replacers);
  • accelerate its growth and ensure full development;
  • achieve high rates of milk and meat productivity in the future;
  • prevent the development of diseases (infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, diseases of the respiratory organs and the digestive system, lesions of the musculoskeletal system, etc.);
  • reduce the mortality of calves, reduce the costs of veterinary drugs;
  • reduce the milk consumption for calves feeding, thereby increasing the profitability of farming.

Buy a whole milk replacers and other feed additives for calves at an affordable price by contacting our company.

You can find out about the cost of the product and calculate its composition according to an individual recipe by calling +7 (495) 902-03-32 or sending a request to