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Комбикорма для КРС


The most important step towards the intensification of the livestock industry is the proper organization of rationed animals feeding. Meeting the needs of beef cattle in energy, nutrients and biologically active substances is achieved by introducing feeds into their diet. Feeds are a homogeneous mixture of feed ingredients — cereals, legumes, feeds of animal origin, etc.

OOO VitOMEK produces optimally balanced mixed feed for all gender-age and production groups of beef cattle:

  • milking cows (different periods of lactation);
  • dry cows (based on the dry periods);
  • heifers;
  • heifers of breeding age;
  • replacements (calves of all age groups);
  • servicing bulls;
  • fattening population.

The composition of the mixed feeds is selected in such a way as to provide the animal organism with the whole necessary range of nutrient and bioactive substances while carefully considering their physiological needs during different periods of economic use. This can make their growing as intense as possible and achieve the highest rates of their productivity.

The inclusion of feeds of our company in the diet of beef cattle allows you to:

  • optimize the feeding rations according to the number of nutrients and bioactive elements, as well as their ratio;
  • increase dairy and meat productivity of livestock (milk yield, weight gain);
  • improve the reproductive performance of the herd (increase the calf crop by 100 animal units, increase their survival rate, reduce the number of complications in cows in the postpartum period, reduce the percentage of cows barrenness);
  • accelerate the growth and development of the young stock;
  • strengthen the immunity of animals and increase their disease resistance;
  • improve the quality of the products obtained (percentage of fat and protein in milk, slaughter yield in the carcass);
  • reduce the costs for feeds and unit of production, reduce the costs for the treatment of animals;
  • improve the profitability of the industry.

OOO VitOMEK makes the following types of the mixed feeds for beef cattle:

Prestarters. They are intended for feeding calves from the 3rd day up to 2-3 months. Their composition includes all the elements necessary for the full development of the calf— proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. These elements are proportioned according to the optimum ratio.

The use of starter feed for calves rearing has a number of advantages:

  1. It contributes to the proper development of the rumen. Thanks to this, animals get used to eating concentrated and coarse feeds earlier, and better utilize these feeds.
  2. These feeds have excellent taste and attractiveness for calves, do not require habituation, and therefore are readily consumed and utilized by animals.
  3. Reduction of the milking stage of feeding, which leads to reducing the costs of milk feeding.
  4. Increase of the growth rate of young stock, provide its full development and high productivity in the future.
  5. Increase of the average daily weight gain.
  6. Strengthening the immune system of young stock, preventing its diseases, increasing survival rate.
  7. Reducing the costs of feeding, maintenance and treatment of animals.

The main feed used for feeding adult animals.

It provides:

  • high milk yield;
  • good quality of semen production of servicing bulls;
  • good reproductive abilities of the animals (fertility of bulls, prolificacy of cows and heifers, viability of young stock, endurance of cows in the postpartum period);
  • the profit is increased by the livestock rearing due to the increase of its productivity, and reduction of the costs for feeding and treatment;

The «Finish» mixed feed. It is used for feeding the fattening beef cattle.

It provides:

  • high daily average weight gain;
  • high yield of meat at slaughter;
  • excellent meat taste;
  • fattening periods reduction;
  • reduction of costs per unit of production.

In OOO VitOMEK, you can buy high-quality mixed feeds for all gender-age and production groups of beef cattle at an affordable price. We produce mixed feeds according to the standard technology, and also developed according to an individual recipe, taking into account the physiological needs of animals and specificity of the feed resources of a particular farm. Each component of the feed undergoes strict quality and safety control in our independent laboratory «INVITO».

You can find out about the cost of production and calculate the composition of compound feeds according to an individual recipe by calling +7 (495) 902-03-32 or sending an e-mail to