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Премиксы для КРС


Proper organization of rationed feeding is the basis of profitable management of both dairy and beef breeding. To provide beef cattle with nutrients and biologically active substances of proper amount and ratio, the cattle diet is supplemented with vitamin-mineral premixes. By optimizing metabolic processes, the premixes ensure the maximum realization of the genetic potential and the achievement of the highest animal productivity indicators.

Premixes are a homogeneous mixture of bioactive components — vitamins, micro-and macronutrients, and enzymes. Vitamins provide the correct metabolism and normal absorption of nutrients, improve the functioning of internal organs and systems, increase resistance to diseases, strengthen immunity, improve reproductive abilities and prevent many diseases.

Mineral substances are essential for the healthy development of the skeleton, the normal course of many biochemical reactions and metabolic processes. They prevent the development of metabolic disorders in young and adult animals, and increase their productivity. Enzymes increase the digestibility of feed, improve digestion, and contribute to the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

OOO VitOMEK produces high-quality premixes for beef cattle of all gender and age groups and production areas: for milking and dry cows, servicing bulls, heifers and heifers of breeding age, for replacements (calves of all age groups) and fattening animals.

Using our premixes for beef cattle feeding makes the following possible:

  • increasing the milk yield (additional 200-400 kg of milk per lactation for one cow);
  • increasing the average daily weight gain of young and fattening livestock by 15-20%;
  • increasing the reproduction indexes of the herd (calf crop per 100 animal unit), obtaining healthy offspring (increasing the young stock survival rate), reducing the incidence of cows in the postpartum period;
  • reducing the incidence of calves and adult livestock by 1.5-2 times;
  • increasing the nutritional value of the produced milk and meat;
  • saving the costs spent for feeds (by 8-12%) and the treatment of animals;
  • increasing the feeds payback (1 ruble spent for premixes gives 15-20 rubles of profit).

The production of premixes of our company is carried out at the specialized plant «VitOMEK» in the city of Likhoslavl. The incoming raw materials and products at each stage of the technological cycle undergo a thorough quality and safety control in our own laboratory «INVITO».

We produce premixes for cows, calves and other gender and age groups of beef cattle according to standard and individually selected recipes, taking into account the state of the food resources of a particular farm and the physiological needs of the age and gender group of animals.

You can find out about the cost of a product and calculate its composition according to an individual recipe by calling +7 (495) 902-03-32 or sending a request to