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Заменители цельного молока для телят (ЗЦМ)


Properly balanced nutrition of young stock is the basis of its high productivity in the future. For the growth of young stock to be intensive and, at the same time, cost-effective, the young stock is feed with milk replacers. Milk replacers are artificial mixtures of skim milk, whey, buttermilk and other products containing milk protein, with the addition of fats (coconut and palm oil), amino acids, micro and macro elements, and vitamins.

OOO VitOMEK offers high-quality milk replacers for calves that include the full range of nutrients and biologically active substances necessary for the full development and rapid growth of the animals.

We recommend an imported milk replacer from the Nukamel Company. It consists of dried whey, vegetable oils, hydrolyzed wheat protein and premixes. This product provides the body of the calf with a whole range of vital nutritive elements: high-quality protein, essential amino acids, easily digestible fat, vitamins and minerals.

When used for the breeding of the beef cattle young-stock, our milk replacers will allow you to:

  • provide the calves with food of necessary nutritional content and biological value;
  • ensure good digestibility of feed and proper development of the gastrointestinal tract of the animals due to the high digestibility of milk replacers and their attractiveness for calves;
  • accelerate the growth and development of calves, increase the average daily weight gain;
  • strengthen the immune system, reduce the incidence of illness in the young stock (prevent dyspepsia, respiratory diseases, vitamin deficiency, rickets) and increase its livability;
  • reduce milk consumption for calves feeding, increase the profitability of the farm;
  • reduce the costs for the animals treatment.

You can buy a high-quality milk replacer for calves by contacting our company. The quality and safety of each component of the products is strictly controlled in our own laboratory «INVITO» with the help of the latest high-precision research.

You can find out about the cost of the products and make an order by calling +7 (495) 902-03-32 or sending your request to the email address