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Белково-витаминно-минеральные концентраты для птиц


Protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates are homogeneous mixtures of crushed high-protein feed ingredients and biologically active substances.

They include the following ingredients:

  • raw materials of plant and animal origin with high protein content, which increases the nutritional and energy value of the diet;
  • vitamins and minerals that regulate metabolism and increase the productivity of poultry;
  • amino acids that stimulate the growth and egg production of poultry;
  • enzymes that improve the digestion of feeds and their utilization.

Using PVMC (protein vitamin-mineral concentrate) of our company allows you to optimally balance the diet in terms of nutritional value and the content of bioactive substances, and maximize the genetic potential of highly productive crosses of birds as a result of this.

The advantages of using PVMC during the rearing are as follows:

  1. Increase in the egg production and meat productivity (average daily weight gain).
  2. Improving the quality of meat, eggs, fluff and feathers.
  3. Improving the survival rate of growing birds, accelerating their growth and development.
  4. Reduction of the fattening time.
  5. Reducing the costs for the poultry feeding and treatment.

According to the results of tests, the use of our PVMC in birds feeding makes it possible to increase the survival rate of growing birds by 5–10%, increase the egg production of layers by 8–12%, and reduce the feed consumption by 10–15%.

OOO VitOMEK produces high-quality PVMC for layers and broiler chickens, as well as for ducks, turkeys, guinea fowls, geese and quails. The production of additives is carried out at the innovation plant «VitOMEK» in Likhoslavl. The incoming raw materials and finished products are carefully monitored in our own laboratory «INVITO». The additives are produced according to standard and individually developed recipes, taking into account the condition of the food resources of a particular farm.

You can find out about the cost of production and calculate the composition of PVMC according to an individual recipe by calling +7 (495) 902-03-32 or sending you request to