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Престартер для поросят


Full feeding of animals is the basis of their high productivity and, consequently, high profitability of farming. To make pig rearing effective, special starter feeds are used to feed the young stock. These are called prestarters.

These feeds are complete feed mixtures, manufactured mainly in the form of granules, which include a carefully selected complex of feed ingredients: protein raw materials of plant origin, such as vegetable proteins of high availability and biological value, dairy components, easily digestible animal proteins, mineral substances and functional additives (enzymes and probiotics).

Such mixed feeds are used for feeding piglets from the 3rd to the 40th day of life. They provide the young stock with all the vital nutrients and biologically active substances: protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, micro-and macro-elements.

Protein is the main building material for tissues of the whole body. If it is not present in the feed in sufficient amount, it will be impossible to fully develop the young stock, to provide their rapid growth and gaining muscle mass. Essential amino acids are indispensable substances that cannot be synthesized in the body, so their intake with food is very important. The balance of amino acids is very important for the rapid growth of piglets, without which it is impossible to achieve the full realization of the genetic potential of the animals.

Vitamins and minerals should be consumed in sufficient quantities to provide for the normal development of internal organs and systems and their healthy functioning. Full vitamin and mineral nutrition is the basis for the proper development and good health of young stock.

Enzymes increase the digestion of feed and their utilization by the body, improve digestion and prevent the development of dyspeptic phenomena. Probiotics prevent disbacteriosis and normalize the processes of digestion, prevent the development of diarrhea, and strengthen the immune system of animals.

OOO VitOMEK produces high-quality, optimally balanced feed prestarters for piglets. Their use has a number of advantages:

  1. The diet of the piglets is optimized according to the energy, nutritional value, and the level and ratio of bioactive elements.
  2. The feed is attractive for piglets in terms of the taste characteristics, therefore it is actively consumed and completely absorbed by their body
  3. The immune system of the young is strengthened, the development of diseases is prevented (respiratory infections, dyspepsia, infectious diarrhea, metabolic disorders, etc.), the mortality rate of animals decreases.
  4. The correct development of the skeletal and digestive systems of piglets is guaranteed, the digestibility of feeds and the utilization of nutrients are improved.
  5. The piglets stress level decreases when weaning and transferring to a new type of feeding.
  6. Growth and development of young stock are accelerated, average daily weight gain of live weight increases.
  7. The costs for piglets feeding and per unit of production are reduced.
  8. The duration of the lactation period is reduced, the piglets are well prepared for early weaning, and their gastrointestinal tract is already well developed by this time.
  9. Costs for additional veterinary and zootechnical measures (prevention and treatment of diseases) are reduced.

We can buy prestarters for piglets at an affordable price, made according to standard technology, as well as according to individual recipes taking into account the physiological needs of animals and specific food resources of a particular farm. All components of the feed undergo a thorough safety and quality control in our laboratory «INVITO».

You can find out about the cost of products and calculate the composition of pre-starters on an individual recipe by calling +7 (495) 902-03-32 or sending a request to the