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Премиксы для свиней


Good animal productivity is the basis of high profitability of farm management. The efficiency of pig feeding and the profitability of their rearing directly depend on the quality of their feeding. In order for the organism of animals to get all the necessary nutrients of the right quantity and ratio, their diet is supplemented with special additives, also known as premixes.

OOO VitOMEK produces a wide range of premixes for pigs of all gender and age and production groups. Depending on the composition, the premixes are divided into vitamin-mineral premixes, and vitamin-mineral ones with the addition of amino acids, of therapeutic and prophylactic ingredients, etc.

Premixes contain vitally important substances for animals: vitamins, micro- and macronutrients, amino acids (including the essential ones), enzymes, antioxidants, etc. Vitamins normalize metabolic processes, promote better digestion and increase animal productivity. Minerals provide the correct setting of internal organs and systems, the normal course of metabolic reactions, preventing the development of many diseases (rickets, metabolic disorders, etc.).

Amino acids are the main building material for protein, and therefore for all cells and tissues of the body of an animal. Essential amino acids are vital for the body: they ensure the normal course of biochemical processes, participate in the formation of many biologically active substances (hormones, enzymes, mediators, etc.).

The enzymes that are part of the premixes improve digestion, increase the digestibility of feeds and their utilization, thereby accelerating the growth and development of animals, increasing their level of productivity.

The inclusion of our premixes in pig rations allows:

  • balancing the nutrition in terms of the energy value and content of biologically active substances at the lowest cost and the most benefit for animals;
  • increasing the average daily weight gain of young stock and fattening livestock;
  • increasing the reproduction rates of sows: increase of their conception rate, prolificacy, and milkability;
  • improving the survivability and birth rate of piglets, strengthening their immunity, preventing intestinal and respiratory infections;
  • providing the rapid growth and full development of piglets;
  • reducing the fattening period of pigs;
  • improving the taste of pork, increasing the slaughter yield of meat;
  • reducing the costs for pigs feeding (per unit of production), and the costs for veterinary drugs;
  • improving the profitability of pig farming in the economy.

We produce premixes for different age and gender groups of the pig stock:

  • barren, pregnant and nursing sows;
  • breeding boars;
  • replacements and piglets of all age groups;
  • fattening pigs.

The premixes production is carried out at the VitOMEK innovation plant in the city of Likhoslavl. Each component of the incoming raw materials and finished products undergoes a thorough quality control in our own laboratory «INVITO». We produce premixes according to standard technology, as well as according to individually developed recipes taking into account the physiological needs of animals and specific food resources of a particular farm.

By contacting us, you can buy high-quality, optimally balanced premixes for pigs and piglets of all age groups and production areas at an affordable price. To find out about the cost of production, to calculate the composition of premixes on an individual recipe, call +7 (495) 902-03-32 or send a request to the email