Комплексные решения для птицеводства и животноводства

Technological support

The economic efficiency of livestock and poultry farms is ensured by the competent organization of the system of the livestock and poultry rearing, their rational feeding and proper maintenance. Carefully thought-out, scientifically grounded technology of animals rearing is the key to high profitability of the enterprise and cost-effectiveness of the industry.

OOO VitOMEK offers the service of integrated technological support of agro-industrial and farming enterprises regarding the feeding and management of beef cattle, pigs and poultry.

As part of this service, we provide:

  • audit of the microclimate of industrial premises using gas analyzing, heat metering and other equipment and making proposals for correcting the identified deficiencies;
  • analysis of the microclimate of the premises in different heating and ventilation systems, calculation of the air exchange;
  • microclimatic equipment adjustment, controllers settings fine-tuning;
  • audit of incubators and giving recommendations for their reconstruction;
  • checking the quality of egg shells and monitoring their transport parameters;
  • elimination of emergency situations in the work of microclimatic equipment in industrial enterprises;
  • remote advising on the maintenance of microclimatic systems, and poultry and animals feeding and maintenance systems;
  • analysis of the existing rations of feeding and making proposals for their adjustment taking into account the possibilities of the food resources of the farm and the physiological needs of each gender-age group of animals;
  • creation of individual feed programs aimed at maximized animal productivity and optimizing the costs of feeding and maintaining;
  • control of the introduced feed programs on the farm, advising regarding their use.

For poultry farms, we also provide a unique egg shell scanning service to identify the extent of its destruction. For this purpose, high-tech modern equipment is used — the «Force Reader» scanner, which can diagnose the shell damage with high accuracy. Based on the results of the research, suggestions are made to improve the durability of the egg shell and preserve its integrity.

In addition, we use an advanced technology called «Smart Egg», the high accuracy of which allows identifying areas of the egg damage, as well as determining degree and nature of the damage. At the same time, the level of shock, vibration, rotation, tilt and temperature, to which the egg is exposed during collection, sorting, packaging and transportation up to the final point of sale, is measured. The study is conducted using the Wireless Egg Node apparatus, which provides high reliability of diagnostic results.

The specialists of OOO VitOMEK, providing technological support services, are highly qualified experts with many years of practical experience in their specific industry. Our specialists continuously improve their professionalism, attend training seminars, scientific and practical conferences and other events aimed at the study of agricultural topical issues.

Using the technology support service, you can achieve an increase in the economic performance of your business due to the following factors:

  • increased animal productivity;
  • reduced morbidity and mortality;
  • improved herd reproduction rates;
  • increased survival rate of young stock, its accelerated growth and development;
  • reduced duration of the technological cycles of the animals rearing (milk feeding of calves, the suckling period of piglets, fattening of animals) and lengthened terms of their effective economic use;
  • improved quality of the products (meat, milk, eggs) and the growth of their gross volume;
  • reduced costs for animals feeding, treatment, and rearing;
  • reduced labor intensity for rearing and caring for animals, reduced costs of the industrial enterprises engineering maintenance.

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