Комплексные решения для птицеводства и животноводства


Economically efficient breeding of live-stock animals and poultry is impossible without creating the optimal microclimate in the industrial premises. Favorable conditions for the livestock allow realizing its genetic potential to the greatest possible extent, and achieving high rates of its productivity and reproduction.

OOO VitOMEK offers comprehensive services for microclimate systems in livestock and poultry agricultural enterprises.

As part of the provision of these services, we provide:

  • monitoring and adjusting the operation of microclimatic equipment (ventilation systems, heating, etc.);
  • audit of microclimate systems in the livestock buildings by using heat-measuring and gas-analyzing equipment with the subsequent submission of proposals for correction of identified deficiencies;
  • calculation of the air exchange in the production buildings when using different heating systems;
  • checking the microclimate in incubators and making recommendations for their reconstruction in accordance with the results obtained;
  • visitations and handling contingency situations associated with malfunctions in the operation of the microclimatic systems in the production premises;
  • providing a detailed report and a presentation on the results of the microclimate audit;
  • remote consulting on the operation of microclimatic equipment of the farm.

When checking the operation of the microclimatic equipment, we rely on the production requirements and current regulatory documents, taking into account the capabilities of a particular farm and compliance with all biosafety rules.

Using this service, you will:

  • increase the productivity of animals and birds in your enterprise;
  • increase the average daily gains of young animals and fattening animals;
  • improve the feed conversion and reduce costs for unit of production;
  • reduce the morbidity and mortality of animals, and improve their reproductive abilities;
  • reduce the costs of maintenance and treatment of animals, increasing the profitability of their rearing.

You can clarify the details of the services and find out their cost by calling +7 (495) 902-03-32 or sending a request to